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A certificate is a great low risk savings option that typically earns more than a traditional saving account. And you don’t need a lot of money to get started! You can invest in a Stanford FCU Certificate or IRA Certificate with as little as $1,000.

New! Our 7-Month No Penalty Certificate has a great rate and there’s NO penalty for early closure! Check out all our Certificate rates below.

After you open a Certificate, check out our new Companion Account–it’s a basic savings account that earns an amazing 1.76% APY*!


Savings Education

savingsA good savings plan is key to a secure financial future. Get started with these online learning modules and tools.


  • Competitive rates
  • Certificate minimum deposit as low as $1,000
  • Tiered-Rate Certificates are available for terms from 3 months to 5 years
  • New 7-Month No Penalty Certificate can be closed after 7 calendar days with no fee
  • All balances earn our best rate for the term selected

Certificate Rates

Your assets will grow faster by investing in a Stanford FCU Certificate! You’ll get even higher rates with Membership Rewards. Our Partner and Ambassador level Certificates offer higher rates of return than a savings account and you’ll have a choice of fixed investment terms.

Not a Partner or Ambassador?
No worries, you‘ll still receive great rates with our Certificates. See rates below.

Premium Certificate Rates for Partner & Ambassador (learn more about Membership Rewards)

See following footnotes for applicable Terms and Conditions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Term >$1,000
Dividend Rate Annual % Yield
3 months 1.55% 1.56%
6 months 1.75% 1.76%
7 months
(no penalty!)
1.75% 1.76%
12 months 2.15% 2.17%
18 months 2.25% 2.27%
24 months 2.35% 2.38%
36 months 2.40% 2.43%
48 months 2.45% 2.48%
60 months 2.50% 2.53%

Certificate Rates (learn more about Membership Rewards)

See following footnotes for applicable Terms and Conditions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Term >$1,000
Dividend Rate Annual % Yield
3 months 1.30% 1.31%
6 months 1.50% 1.51%
7 months
(no penalty!)
1.50% 1.51%
12 months 1.90% 1.92%
18 months 2.00% 2.02%
24 months 2.10% 2.12%
36 months 2.15% 2.17%
48 months 2.20% 2.22%
60 months 2.25% 2.27%

Rates effective November 4, 2019

See All Certificate Rates

Terms & Conditions:

1 The certificate rates presented here are accurate as of the above date. Current rates may be obtained by calling us at 650.723.2509, or toll free at 888.723.7328.

2 The rate in effect at the time of purchase is the rate you will be paid for the entire term of the Certificate. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assumes dividends will remain on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce your earnings.

3 No additional deposits are permitted to a Certificate once it is opened, unless otherwise disclosed.

4 Any reduction of the principal amount below the minimum principal tier for the rate established at Certificate origination will terminate the Certificate. We may impose the following penalties for early withdrawal of a Certificate. The penalty for a Certificate with an initial term of less than one year will be equal to ninety (90) days of dividends on the amount withdrawn, whether earned or not. The penalty for a Certificate with one year or more will be equal to one hundred eighty (180) days of dividends on the amount withdrawn, whether earned or not. A 7-Month No Penalty Certificate may be closed after seven (7) calendar days from opening with no penalty.

5 The penalty may be deducted from either dividends or principal.

6 This Certificate is non-negotiable and non-transferable.

7 You will be given notice of the Maturity Date thirty (30) days in advance. The Certificate will renew automatically at Maturity for a like term. The Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield on the renewal certificate will be the rate then in effect for like Certificate. A grace period for withdrawal after automatic renewal of seven (7) days will apply. Thereafter, withdrawals of principal balance on the renewed Certificate will again be subject to an early withdrawal penalty until the Maturity Date. 7-Month No Penalty Certificate may be closed after seven (7) calendar days from opening with no penalty.


No Hidden Fees

We don’t believe you should have to pay extra just to use basic banking services. We have a savings account that fits your lifestyle without any hidden fees, allowing you to do more and bank less.

Early withdrawal penalty for CDs with terms less than one year
(excluding the 7-Month No Penalty Certificate).
Equal to ninety (90) days of dividends.
Early withdrawal penalty for CDs with terms one year or more. Equal to one hundred eighty (180) days of dividends.

See Fee Schedule

Membership Rewards

As a true not-for-profit financial cooperative, the more our member-owners use the services of their credit union, the stronger we become—and the more low cost services we can provide. That’s the basis of our Membership Rewards program—the more services you use, the more benefits you’ll receive! Whether you are a borrower, saver or both, you will receive extra benefits when you take advantage of the many great products and services at Stanford FCU. Move all of your financial services to Stanford FCU and easily reach the highest level of Membership Rewards. It’s easy to switch and we can help!

You’ll enjoy exclusive benefits like bonus deposit yields and loan rate discounts, unlimited surcharge-FREE ATMs worldwide and more based on your Membership Rewards level—so why stand for anything less? Make the most out of your banking experience with Membership Rewards.

Partner Ambassador
FREE Access to ATMs Worldwide Surcharge reimbursements for ATMS outside our ATM networks* Yes, 3 per month Yes, unlimited*
FREE access 30,000 CO-OP ATMs and 6,000 CO-OP Shared Branches Yes Yes
Certificate Bonus Rate Yes Yes
Money Market Account Bonus Rate No Yes
Premier Checking Bonus Rate No Yes
Discount on Auto Loan Rate 0.50% APR Discount 1.00% APR Discount
Stanford FCU Mortgage Fees Waived** No Yes
Fee Refunds:
Below Minimum Balance Fees 50% 100%
Stop Payment Fee 50% 100%
Outgoing Wire Fees 50% 100%
Select Service Charges 50% 100%

Membership Rewards
Bonus Rates

Learn more about
Membership Rewards

* Maximum ATM surcharge reimbursement is $5 per ATM transaction. ** Third-party fees still apply.


All members are required to have a $5 membership share balance in any of the following accounts: Checking Account, Savings Account, Money Market Account, Share Certificate or Individual Retirement Account.
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