Credit Cards

The right card for whatever you need

Our members don’t all have the same lifestyles. That’s why we help you select the credit card that’s right for you. At Stanford FCU, our focus is always on you and your unique banking needs.

Alumni Rewards

Exclusively for Stanford alumni

Carry the card that supports the Stanford Alumni Association. With the new Alumni Rewards VISA® Credit Card, you enjoy a great rate, no foreign transaction fees and no annual fee! Plus earn exciting rewards that can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, event tickets, gift cards and cash back.

Platinum Cash Back

Reward yourself

This card helps you put cash back in your pocket! Harness its purchasing power and get great cash-back rewards with everything you buy.

Platinum Select Rewards

Points for purchases

Use it for everyday purchases and earn one SelectReward point for every dollar you spend. Then, redeem your points for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and more.

Classic VISA® Credit Card

Carry this versatile card and you’ll never have to worry about carrying checks or having enough cash. Just use the card and get on with your life.

Student VISA® Credit Card

Perfect for students traveling home for the holidays, studying a semester abroad and more. This card is accepted worldwide and has great benefits, like free rewards!

Secured VISA® Credit Card

No credit? No problem!

The Stanford FCU Secured VISA® Credit Card lets you safely build or re-establish your credit history.