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Card Tools

Credit and debit cards are often a source of fraud, as retailers frequently experience data breaches, and the card information they store becomes available on the black market. Stanford FCU has strong fraud prevention systems to help protect our members, but we also have tools to help you manage your own cards!

All of our debit and credit card management tools are located in Online and Mobile Banking under Card Management.

Card Controls

Added security is at your fingertips with the ability to lock and unlock your debit and credit cards, set spending limits, and set up text alerts to monitor transactions. You’ll be automatically enrolled to receive fraud alerts as soon as you activate your card.

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Credit Card Rewards

Easily track and redeem your credit card rewards.

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Submit Travel Notice

If you’re traveling out of state or to another country, be sure to let us know before you go! Enter your dates and destinations so we don’t block your debit and credit card transactions (unusual spending and locations can look like fraud). You already know that your Stanford FCU card is the best card to take abroad, because we have no foreign transaction fees!

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CardSwap makes it easy to update your card number and expiration date for all of your subscription and streaming services like Uber, Lyft, Apple, Google, Netflix, Venmo and DoorDash. Just select your favorite brands and link your card. Any time your card changes, you can easily update it for all your services in one place.

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Transfer Balance

You can easily transfer balances from your other credit and charge cards to your Stanford FCU credit card to lower the rate and your monthly payment, and there’s no balance transfer fee. The online form is simple and secure, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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