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This is my first time logging into Stanford FCU’s New Online Banking. What should I expect?
The first time login experience can be summarized as these steps:

  1. Enter Login ID and Password for Stanford Online Banking
  2. Receive and enter Secure Access Code
  3. Enter new Password
  4. Review personal information and submit
  5. Review the online agreement, then click accept.
  6. Register the device if this is your personal device
  7. Enjoy the new online banking experience
Will my existing login work?
Yes. Your existing Login ID and Password will work. Once logged in, you will be asked to change your password on “Enter a new Password” page. You may use your current or previous passwords. However, for security reasons, this is not recommended.
Will the Login ID placement on the website change?
No. However, it will look different. For your convenience, the Login ID and Password fields will be on the same web page.
What if I have a problem when I am logging in for the first time?
Please refer to the First-time login section of the User Guide and explore the other items in these FAQs. If you still have a question, chat with us on Live Chat, or call us at 888.723.7328.
Can I use my same password for my new password?
You may use your current or previous password. However, for security, this is not recommended.
I don’t know my current password or Login ID. What do I do?
If you don’t know either the Login ID or the Password, you will need to contact us at 888.723.7328 before you try to login for the first time. When you call us, you will need to verify your identification and may be asked additional security questions. For subsequent logins, you click on the Forgot Username/Password Link for assistance.
What are my password requirements?
Password must be at least 8 characters long, and can be no more than 15 characters long, and must contain a minimum of 1 number.
What is a secure access code? How do I get it?
A secure access code is a 6-digit numeric systematic code. You can choose to receive this secure access code via text or phone call. A secure access code is required the first time you log with all registered devices into the new Stanford FCU Online Banking.
Will the secure access code expire?
Yes. It is recommended to quickly use the code to get access to your account information. If your code expires, simply click back and request the secure access code again. If you have an issue, please contact us.
What if I do not have access to the phone number listed to receive the secure access code?
To get immediate access, please contact us at 888.723.7328. We will ask you to verify your identity and then update your contact information.
I thought I registered my device. Why is it asking me to do it again?
There are several reasons that you may need to register a browser or device again, including but not limited to:
– Your browser settings are configured to delete cookies
– Your browser cookies for online banking were removed
– You use a browser plugin that automatically removes browser cookies when you close the browser
– Your account requires a secure access code each time you log in
– You log in with different browser on the same registered computer/device
– You deleted and reinstalled the mobile banking application
– For security reasons, we reset all active registrations for all users
Do you have a video to show me what to expect from my first time login?
Yes. This can be seen in the Video Guide.
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