Member Savings

Wire Transfers
Zero fees for incoming wire transfers (banks charge $15)

Foreign Transaction Fees
Zero foreign transaction fees on credit and debit cards (banks charge 3%)

Student Checking
Simply free Student Checking account (with free unlimited worldwide ATMs)

Certificate and Money Market Accounts
Certificate and Money Market accountholders earn our highest rate, regardless of balance

Lower Fees
$20 NSF, Overdraft and Returned Deposit fees (banks charge $35)

Notary Service
Free notary servicemake an appointment at one of our local branches

Membership Rewards for savers and borrowers

Zero Annual Fees
Zero credit card annual fees

Low Credit Card Rates
Same low credit card rate on purchases, cash advances and balance transfers

No Credit Card Fees
No credit card cash advance or balance transfer fees

Member Give Back

SFCU has a proximity to the members that I’ve never seen in a bank. Questions are well answered and they seek to make things clear the best they can. We have also access of high quality products cheaper than other banks. Sum this with an Internet banking that gives us everything we need and the SFCU mobile and you will understand why I am so satisfied to be part of it.”
– Marcio

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SFCU has been there for me from the very start of my career at Stanford, as an Assistant Professor in 1980, helping to provide a car loan when no one else would. And it came through similarly for me a couple years ago. It is reliable, efficient, its people are friendly and helpful, and very ‘Stanford supportive.’ And it does not have the usurious monthly banking fees other banks do. I would recommend it again and again, especially to new Stanford faculty and staff.”
– John

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Friendly, efficient, non-pushy service I love your no foreign exchange credit card – so good for international students, and for anyone who goes abroad to conferences, etc. – went on a trip to Spain – I always do, but this time I brought a friend with me and the first thing I told him to do to get ready was to open accounts with you so he can have that credit card. He’s now using it for everyday needs because he likes the points on it, so he decided it’s better than his Walls Fargo one and kept it as his everyday card after getting back from abroad as well.”
– Gabriela

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I have been with SFCU since my freshman year in 2001 and have received nothing but exemplary service. All of the services provided are high quality and more importantly provide me with friendly, efficient customer service representatives no matter what I needed. I feel valued and that SFCU has my back and that’s something many people don’t feel with their bank. I’m a SFCU member for life and will share that with anyone who asks.”
– Jennifer

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