What is the penalty for early withdrawal of a Certificate?

The penalty for Certificates with terms less than one year is equal to ninety (90) days of dividends on the amount withdrawn, whether earned or not.

The penalty for a Certificate with a term of one year or more is equal to one hundred eighty (180) days of dividends on the amount withdrawn, whether earned or not.

A 7-Month No Penalty Certificate may be closed after seven (7) calendar days from opening with no penalty.

The penalty may be deducted from either dividends or principal.

Certificates are non-negotiable and non-transferable. You will receive advance notice of the maturing Certificate 30 days before the maturity date. The Certificate will automatically renew on the maturity date for the same term unless you notify us that you wish to make a change. The Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield on the renewed Certificate will be the rate that is in effect for that term. A grace period for withdrawal or transfer is available for seven (7) days after the maturity date. Thereafter, withdrawals of the principal balance on the renewed Certificate will again be subject to an early withdrawal penalty until the new maturity date.

Deposits are federally insured to at least $250,000 (Individual Retirement Accounts up to an additional $250,000) through the National Credit Union Administration.

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