What is a Trust Account?

A trust is an estate-planning tool used primarily to avoid the delays and costs of the probate process, which is what happens when someone passes away with only a will or no will.

Choosing and creating a trust can be a complex process; the guidance of an attorney with estate planning expertise is highly recommended.


Types of Stanford FCU Trusts

  1. Revocable – at least one Trustor of the Trust must be a member of Stanford FCU
  2. Irrevocable – either all of the Trustors or all of the Beneficiaries of the Trust must be members of Stanford FCU

Upon creating the agreement, the member transfers title to his Stanford FCU assets to be held in trust.

If you’ve created a trust agreement and would like to transfer title of your credit union assets to be held in trust, you will need to complete a Trust Agreement.

If you are not yet a member, and need to establish an account that you would like held in trust, you will need to become a member and complete a Trust Agreement.


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