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Top 20 credit card tips from the pros

Credit cards are convenient for making purchases online and in-person, especially contactless cards in today’s social-distancing world. And if your credit card has cash-back or other rewards, it can be tempting to overuse it. Below are the top 20 credit card tips from the pros to help make sure you use your credit cards properly.

  1. Keep your credit utilization low
  2. Use a secured credit card to build your credit
  3. Pay off your card each month to maximize rewards value
  4. Pay off high-interest credit cards first
  5. Stay away from cash advances
  6. Use a personal finance app to monitor your credit usage
  7. Use online reporting from your credit card to monitor spending habits
  8. Be careful with promotional offers
  9. Refrain from using charge cards
  10. Never make late credit card payments
  11. Take advantage of any 0% balance transfer offers
  12. Understand the card’s terms and conditions before applying
  13. Review your credit reports annually
  14. Report a lost or missing credit card immediately
  15. Sign up for automatic payments
  16. Be wary making online financial transactions on public internet connections
  17. Heavy travelers should use a travel rewards credit card
  18. Use the credit card for convenience, not a license to spend
  19. Use credit cards to build and increase your credit score
  20. Stop using credit cards until they’re paid off

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