Payments FAQ

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Where do I locate how to make a loan or credit card payment?
From the menu, select Payments & Transfers > Make Payment.
If I make a payment from a Stanford FCU account, will payments be applied in real time?
For Credit Card Payments, your available/card balance will be updated immediately. The credit card payment will be applied to your account within 2 business days. For all other loan payments, the payment will be applied immediately.
If I want to pay a bill other than a Stanford FCU loan what do I do?
For paying bills with other institutions or vendors, please select Payments & Transfers > Pay Bills to set up the payment. You may also schedule payments to other institutions by establishing an external transfer. To set up an external transfer, go to Payments & Transfers > Add External Account.
What payments can I make?
You can pay any Stanford FCU loan or credit card.