Overview FAQ

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Do I have to upload a new mobile app?
Yes. Your existing mobile app will not work with this upgrade, either update or reinstall the new app. For more information, please click here for Mobile Banking FAQs.
Is there an online resource for help?
Yes. Videos, user guides, and frequently asked questions explain how things might work differently. It would be a good idea to bookmark the following web address for your convenience: www.sfcu.org/online-banking-support/ .
How does the new platform improve my experience?
Your experience is now more intuitive with additional functionalities. New features include:

  • Self-serve and auto-enrollment
  • Real time payment to credit card
  • Consistent mobile and online banking experience
  • Integrated functionality for ease of use

Click here for details comparing the old and new platform.

Where do I login to Stanford FCU Online Banking?
The location of the login has not changed. However, you now can add your Login ID and your Password on one screen. If you have bookmarked the Online Banking sign in page, you will need to change it to since it is a new address.
Will my direct deposit be affected?
No. The direct deposit you already set up has not been affected. You should continue to receive direct deposit into your Stanford FCU account(s).
Will I have to re-enter my Bill Pay information?
No. It was automatically transferred over to the new system. If you any issues with Bill Pay in the new system, please contact us via secure message in Online Banking or call us at 888.723.7328.
Will I have to re-enter all my external transfer accounts?
No. It was automatically transferred over to the new system. However, the new system transfers funds one to two business days after the scheduled date, so keep that in mind with your current and future external transfers. If you experience any issues with external transfers with the new system, please contact us via secure message in Online Banking or call us at 888.723.7328.
Will I have to re-enter all my Financial Management or MyMo information?
No. It automatically transferred over to the new system.
Were any of my automatic payments be affected?
No. The automatic payments already set will not be affected.
Will I lose any information or history from my Quicken/QuickBooks?
No. For more detailed information about Quicken visit www.sfcu.org/quicken. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Will I lose any of my saved PopMoney information?
Yes. We will be using a new Pay a Friend feature. For more information, please click here for Pay a Friend FAQs.
Does my account number change?
No. Your account number does not change. Your entire account number can be found on the new Online Banking through this change of prompts: My Accounts > Account Details.
It is asking me to register my device again, but I registered it yesterday. What is going on?
It is likely that you chose to ‘register my device’ on a different browser type. For example, you chose to ‘register my device’ on Safari, and now you are logging into online banking in Internet Explorer. You will need to register device per different browser type. This is an added security measure.
When I forgot my password on the old platform, I had to call you. Has that change?
Yes. You will find a ‘forgot password’ link next to online banking login. Click the link, and you will prompted to enter Login ID, and send a Secure Access Code to one of your contact information on file to verify your identity. Once you enter the Secure Access Code, you will be about to reset a new password on the screen.
I bookmarked d.www.sfcu.org so I could login to online banking. Now it is redirecting me to e.www.sfcu.org. Is that secure?
Yes, it is secure. For your convenience, please delete your current bookmark and establish this new bookmark for future use.
Will I have access to my e-statement history?
Yes, if you are an e-statement subscriber.
I updated my phone number and email address. How do I know my information has changed?
You will receive a confirmation that your information has been updated. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at 1.888.723.7328 to confirm.
Did my account nicknames convert over to the new online banking?
Yes, your account nicknames migrated over to the new online banking experience.
How do I create or delete an account nickname?
Under Profile & Settings select Account Preferences. To add a nickname, type in the nickname in the provided field under account type and submit. To delete a nickname, remove the nickname from the field and submit.
Can I change description or add my own label to a transaction in online banking?
This is a feature that we do not offer in the new online banking as how we did before. There is an alternative, which is to use Tools & Requests > Personal Financial Management. There your Stanford FCU accounts and external accounts can be connected, and you can change transaction description and add tag to categorize the transactions into for example grocery, back-to-school. If you are a new member and are having issues to connect with your Stanford FCU accounts in Personal Financial Management, please contact member service.