Bill Pay FAQ

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Do I have to re-enter my information in Bill Pay?
No. The new Stanford FCU Online Banking upgrade has no impact to your past Bill Pay profile.
Will I need to update my existing bills and payees?
No. All payees and bills have transferred to the new Stanford FCU Online Banking platform. If for some reason you don’t see any of your payees or bills, contact us at 888.723.7328.
What if my bills or payees are not showing?
Please contact us at 888.723.7328 and we will get it fixed.
Will I lose my bill payment history?
No. Your bill pay history will continue to be available. Members can see a rolling 24 months of payment history.
What Bill Pay upgrades will I see?
Stanford FCU’s New Online Banking has a simplified experience and a new quick action to pay your bills. For a full list of upgrade functions and features, please click here.
Do I need to re-register for bill pay?
No. When you login to bill pay for the first time, you will need to accept the new Terms and Conditions before accessing the new Bill Pay.
Will my eBills be impacted?
No. Your eBills will continue to be delivered when available. If for some reason you don’t see any of your eBills, contact us at 888.723.7328.
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