Stanford Federal Credit Union Announces Partnership with Google

Stanford Federal Credit Union confirms its intent to partner with Google on offering a “smart checking” account as an expansion of its Google Pay Services. “We are excited to partner with Google to bring new, mobile-first experiences to our members. Credit unions across the country can benefit from this type of innovative partnership by providing better tools for their members to lead healthy financial lives, all while differentiating with their brand, products, and local presence. Strategically partnering with innovation in the payments evolution is critical to remaining relevant and meeting consumer expectations. We are excited about the vision for this initiative and look forward to this partnership,” states Joan Opp, President & CEO of Stanford FCU.

Stanford FCU is a $3 billion credit union based in Palo Alto California that serves the Stanford community along with employees of many technology companies in the Bay Area, including Google. Stanford FCU has always prided itself on being innovative and focuses heavily on providing services through digital means to meet the expectations of its tech savvy members.

These accounts will be co-branded with Google delivering the interface and Stanford FCU supporting the membership account. Stanford FCU’s accounts, including the smart checking account, are regulated and insured by the NCUA. Stanford FCU and Google anticipate the partnership accounts to launch sometime in 2020.

Stanford FCU is excited about the vision Google has for this product, focusing on a great user experience that will complement the Credit Union’s expertise in offering high value financial services. Stanford FCU looks forward to the Google partnership with the objective of using our combined strengths to offer extraordinary value for our members, current and future.

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