Direct Deposit


Stanford FCU is a receiver of electronic deposits and payments through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system. You can arrange to have your payroll (partial or net pay), Social Security and other benefit/pension checks automatically deposited to your Stanford FCU account. You can also arrange to have your account automatically debited to make pre-authorized payments. The information provided below will assist you in initiating your request with the originator of the deposit or payment (e.g. payroll departments, government agencies, annuity groups, companies, vendors, etc.).

Stanford FCU’s ABA Routing Transit #: 321177722

Stanford FCU’s Address: P.O. Box 10690, Palo Alto CA 94303-0843

Stanford FCU’s Phone Number: (650) 723-2509

Your Account Number: Your savings or checking account number is the 10-digit number beginning with 900 or 9-digit number beginning with 700.

Note: Your member number is not your account number. Each savings or checking account, loan, etc., you establish is assigned a separate, unique account number, which is indicated on your statement.

For members with checking accounts, your checking account number is imprinted at the bottom of your check following our routing number 321177722. In some instances, members may still have checks with the previous 13-digit number beginning with 499xxxxxxxxxx imprinted on them. The 10-digit number beginning with “900”, the 9-digit number beginning with “700” and the 13-digit number beginning with “499” are all valid.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction saves you time every payday. You can have a portion of your paycheck sent automatically to Stanford FCU for deposit into one or more of your accounts as specified. The amount of the payroll deduction may be raised or lowered at any time. To sign up for payroll deduction, pick up the necessary forms from your payroll department.

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