Cellular Telephone Protection FAQ

Cellular Telephone Protection FAQ
What is Cellular Telephone Protection?
This insurance reimburses the enrolled Visa® cardholder for damage or theft incurred on eligible cell phones.
Who does this insurance benefit cover?
You, the cardholder whose valid U.S. issued Visa® are enrolled in the Cellular Telephone Protection benefit, and whose monthly bill, and actual cell phone device, has been paid with their Visa® card.
What will be covered?
Damage or theft to the cardholder’s primary line in addition to 2 secondary lines.
When does this benefit begin?
The cell phone coverage benefit starts the 1st day of the month following a monthly payment made on your Visa® card.
Does this benefit have limits to the coverage?
Yes. Only 2 claims with a maximum of $250 per claim within a 12-month period are allowed and are subject to a $50 deductible. This benefit is a supplemental plan for damages or theft on eligible cell phones once all primary coverages (i.e. renters/homeowners, employer, cell company insurance plans, etc.) and may be subject to further terms and conditions.
Are there specific examples indicating exclusions not covered?
Yes. For complete information and a complete list of benefit conditions not covered under the Cellular Telephone Protection plan contact the Benefits Administrator at 866.894.8569 within the U.S. or 303.967.1096 if outside the U.S. within 60 days of damage or theft.
Who do I contact for more questions, want complete or specific coverage information, or to file a claim on an eligible mobile device?
You can call the Benefits Administrator at 866.894.8569 within the U.S. or call collect at 303.967.1096 if outside the U.S.
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