Secure Access Code FAQ

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NEW: What phone number will I receive a text from with my Secure Access Code?
The Secure Access Code text will come from 864-34. Your SAC will be within the body of the text message.
My login is disabled and got a voice secure access code. What happened?
You may have accidentally denied the secure access code. You will have to call us to unlock your account 1.888.723.7328.
What does a Security Access Code look like?
Here is what a Secure Access Code look like on an iPhone:


What is the number on top of the text message?

It is called a short code that many text alerts use. It usually is a 5 digit number. This is not the Secure Access Code. The Secure Access Code is in the text message.

What is a secure access code? How do I get it?
A secure access code is a 6-digit numeric systematic code. You can choose to receive it via phone number or email address we have on file. You may receive this secure access code via text, email, or phone call. An email communication is least secure. Therefore, we recommend a text or phone call. A secure access code is required the first time you log with all registered devices into the new Stanford FCU Online Banking.
Will the secure access code expire?
Yes. It is recommended to quickly use the code to get access to your account information. If your code expires, simply click back and request the secure access code again. If you have an issue, please contact us.