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NEW: Can I set up recurring transfers with Pay a Friend?
No. However, you can go to “View History” in Pay a Friend and select “Repeat this transaction” feature to repeat the transaction without entering the information again.
What do I need in order to be eligible to use Stanford FCU Pay a Friend?
To use Stanford FCU Pay a Friend, you must have:

  • A Stanford FCU Debit Card linked to a personal checking account with Stanford FCU. If you don’t have a debit card for your checking account and would like one, please contact Member Service 1.888.723.7328.
How do I access Stanford FCU Pay a Friend?
Stanford FCU Pay a Friend is available from your personal Online or Mobile Banking account under the “Payments & Transfers” menu by clicking “Pay a Friend.”
Is there a fee to use Stanford FCU Pay a Friend?
A. No, it is FREE! Standard message and data rates may apply when using a mobile device.
How does a recipient collect money sent to them using Stanford FCU Pay a Friend?
A recipient will receive a notification via email or text messages (whichever was specified by the sender) with the payment information and a link to collect their funds. The recipient then enters their checking account number and routing number to receive the funds. No registration or login is required to receive the funds.
When does the money become available to the recipient?
First, the recipient is required to enter their routing number and a checking account number. Then the money will be credited to their account within 1-2 business days.

Can I only send money to Stanford FCU members?
No, that’s the best part!
What PIN do I enter to verify a transaction?
Stanford FCU Pay a Friend payments are processed as PIN-based debit card transactions, so you should use the PIN for your Debit Card tied to your Stanford FCU checking account.
Why does the PIN pad scramble after I select each number?
The PIN pad will scramble after you enter each digit of your PIN number for your protection and as an added layer of security.
If I send money to someone, when will the money be taken from my account?
Payments sent using Stanford FCU Pay a Friend will be debited from your account immediately. The recipient has 10 days to collect the money. If the money is not collected in 10 days, you will be notified and the funds will be credited back to your account within 1-2 business days after that.
How will Stanford FCU transactions appear on my bank statements or in my online banking account?
  • Money sent using Stanford FCU Pay a Friend will appear as: SFCU PAY A FRIEND POS PURCHASE
  • Money collected using a bank account will appear as: ACCULYNK PAYZUR P2P PAY
Is there a limit to the amount of money I can send using Stanford FCU Pay a Friend?
Yes, the same limits apply to Stanford FCU Pay a Friend as PIN-based debit card transactions.
How do I cancel a payment?
To cancel a payment that you initiated using Stanford FCU Pay a Friend, please contact our Member Service department at 1.888.723.7328.
Is Stanford FCU Pay a Friend secure?
Yes, there is no need to share your account number with anyone. Money is sent securely using an email address or mobile number. Stanford FCU Pay a Friend payments are processed and protected in the same manner as PIN-based point of sale debit card transactions.
To learn more, visit
Who is Acculynk/Payzur?
Acculynk is the company we’ve partnered with to bring you Stanford FCU Pay a Friend! Their secure technology enables payments to be sent and received in just seconds from your Stanford FCU Online Banking account.
How do I set up a new payment?
To set up a new payment, log in to Online Banking. Under Payments & Transfers select Pay a Friend. Enter recipient name, email address or mobile number, and amount you are sending.
Will I get an email confirmation?
Yes, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address on file after a payment has been submitted.
What if the recipient does not get the payment?
If the recipient does not accept the funds within 10 calendars days, the payment will automatically be returned to the sender.
How long do I have to make changes to the payment?
Once the payment has been submitted successfully there is no editing period. Please contact our Member Service department at 1.888.723.7328 to attempt to cancel the payment.
How many times can I use this service in one day?
The amount of times you can use this service is dependent on your daily debit card usage.
What number does a text notification come from?
Text notifications for Stanford FCU Pay a Friend will come from 678.264.6407.
If I have a Stanford FCU debit card that has been closed, can I use it for Pay a Friend?
No, you will not be able to use a closed debit card in Pay a Friend. It should not appear as an option in Pay a Friend. If it appears, you should not and you will not be able to use it to send money.
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