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NEW: When I login, how do I rearrange my accounts?
The quickest way to rearrange your accounts is by clicking and holding on the name of the account and dragging to your desired location on the My Accounts page. You can groups account together or in order of your preference.

Some members are experiencing a problem grouping their accounts in Firefox. Until this is resolved, please use a different internet browser.

NEW: When arranging my account, how do I add a new group?
Point at the name of the account, then click and hold it as you drag it to the ‘add accounts’ icon towards the bottom.
Add accounts icon
NEW: Can I rename my group of accounts?
Yes, from the My Accounts page, click on the corresponding pencil icon to edit the group name.
NEW: How do I add a nickname to my account?
Go to Profile & Settings > Account Preferences, then click on the account to expand more options. Under Details click on the pencil icon to add/edit the account nickname.
NEW: Can I view check images from checks that I deposited from a mobile device?
Yes, go to Tools & Requests > Review Online Activity and select Mobile Deposited Checks.
NEW: One of my accounts is not displaying in my overview page (My Accounts).
You may have accidentally hidden your account from being visible in the My Accounts page. To make your account visible, go to Profile & Settings > Account Preferences and click on the account to expand more options. Go to Visibilty and click to enable.
NEW: How do I manage my online banking alert notifications?
Please visit our Security FAQ to learn how to manage your online banking alert notifications.
Where can I log in to Stanford FCU Online Banking?
You can log in to Online Banking from our home page.
Is there an online resource for help?

Yes. Videos, user guides, and frequently asked questions explain how Online Banking works. It would be a good idea to bookmark the following web address for your convenience: https://www.sfcu.org/online-banking-support/.

What if I have more questions about Stanford FCU Online Banking?

Please give us a call at 1.888.723.7328 or contact us by Live Chat.

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