Auto-Pay FAQ

What is Auto-Pay?
Auto-Pay is a feature that allows you to set up a recurring monthly payment for your credit card bill. We’ll automatically withdraw your payment every month based on the parameters that you set up.
What are the benefits of using Auto-Pay?
Because Auto-Pay is set to make a payment each month, you won’t ever have to worry about making a late payment. It also saves you time because you don’t have to manually make a payment online or by mail each month.
How do I set up Auto-Pay?
You can set up Auto-Pay in Online Banking or in the Mobile Banking app. After you log in, navigate to Payments & Transfers> Make a Payment and select your credit card to enroll.

Auto-Pay enrollment steps:

  • Go to the Make a Payment page in Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app.
  • Select your From Account (the account you’ll use to make payments) and your Credit Card to pay.
  • Click Enroll in Auto Pay.
  • Select the Payment Type you want to use for Auto-Pay to occur each month.
  • Click Submit.
  • Review your Auto-Pay details and click Confirm to complete setup. You’ve successfully set up Auto-Pay.
I have just enrolled in Auto-Pay. When will my first automatic payment take effect?
We recommend you set up your Auto-Pay at least a day before your due date. This will ensure your automatic payment will take effect during the same billing cycle. Typically, you’ll need to manually pay your upcoming bill, and Auto-Pay will start the following month.
Can I make a one-time payment, even if I’m set up for Auto-Pay?
Yes, you can make a one-time payment anytime, even if you’re set up for Auto-Pay.

Note: If you make a one-time payment near your Auto-Pay date, your automatic payment may have already begun processing. This can result in a duplicate payment.

Can I change my Auto-Pay payment date?
Your Auto-Pay date will always be the due date listed on your credit card statement.
How do I cancel Auto-Pay?
To cancel Auto-Pay:

  • Go to the Manage Auto-Pay tab in the Make a Payment page in Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app.
  • Select your card.
  • Click Cancel Auto-Pay.
  • Review details and click Yes, Cancel. You’ve successfully canceled Auto-Pay.
Can I use an external account to enroll in Auto-Pay?
Yes, you can use an external account to enroll in Auto-Pay. Login to Online Banking then go Payments & Transfers > Add External Account and follow the prompts. Once your external account has been verified, you will have the option to select your external account to enroll in Auto-Pay.
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