5 Impactful Home Improvements You Can Do Yourself
With A Little Help From Stanford FCU
Stop and take a look around your house. Are you delighted with everything in it? This is where you spend a good portion of your day, and where you and your family build happy memories. If you own your home, it’s likely one of the biggest investments you have. Instead of shelling out tens of thousands for a contractor, why not consider these five home improvement ideas that you can do yourself!

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Get These Things Out Of Your Purse Or Wallet Now!
Your wallet can easily become cluttered with loyalty cards, coupons, cash, checks, store credit cards and a host of identification cards. This is a hassle to deal with and is ripe fruit for identity thieves. Give your purse or wallet a good once over. Look for things you don’t regularly need, and take them out!

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How Does Credit Card Fraud Happen?
You’ve read warnings about credit card fraud. Take a look at this Infographic to learn more about how credit card fraud happens.

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