Knowledge is Power!

Chalkboard on the Office Wall with Financial Education Concept.Nearly two-thirds of Americans struggle to pass a basic financial literacy test, and the statistics on how we manage our finances are alarming:

  • 43% of Americans with student loans are not making any payments to cover their debt
  • 38% of U.S. households have credit card debt averaging $16,048
  • 33% of American adults have saved nothing for retirement

At Stanford Federal Credit Union, we want to empower you with the knowledge to make better financial decisions. We provide financial tools and education to support your financial goals. Our simple, informative online learning modules cover a wide variety of important financial information:

Our Member Advisors are also available by phone (888.723.7328) or at a local branch to assist with basic questions, and you can have a free consultation with a Financial Advisor to discuss more complicated finances like investments and retirement planning.

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