FAS-TELL is a free service that allows you to access your accounts with any touch-tone telephone – at home, at work, out-of-town, anywhere! Now available in Spanish as well as English. The Automated Phone Attendant guides you through the transactions. In addition to Online and Mobile Banking, you can use this system to make balance inquiries, transfer money between accounts, take advances on a line of credit, and more.

FAS-TELL Guidelines:

  1. Make sure you have a FAS-TELL Personal Identification Number (call 650.723.2509, option “0” to request a PIN)
  2. Once you have your PIN, dial 650.723.2509
  3. For English Press “1” for Spanish Press “2”
  4. Enter your Member Number
  5. Enter your PIN
  6. Choose the function you wish to perform

Helpful Tips

You only need your Member Number and FAS-TELL PIN.

  • Faster Transactions-no need to wait for voice instructions if you’re already familiar with the transaction codes
  • To Repeat Choices *
  • To Return to the Previous Menu #
  • When entering dollar amounts, no decimals are needed. Sample: Enter “$500.00” as “50000”
  • To exit FAS-TELL, simply hang-up
  • To speak to a Member Service Representative, press “0”


To Select an Account to work with Press 1

  • Account Summary Press “1”
  • More Detail Press “2”
  • Transfer Funds and Payments Press “3”
  • Transfer Money Press “1”
  • To Make Payment on your Loan Press “2”
  • Transfer Money into your Account Press “3”
  • Advance from a Loan into your Account Press “4”
  • Transfer from your Account to Another Members account Press “5”
  • Work with another account Press “4”
  • More Choices Press “6”
  • Report a Lost or Stolen Card Press “3”

To Transfer Money Press “2”

  • Transfer to another account Press “1”
  • To Make a Payment on a Loan Press “2”
  • Transfer Money into Your Account Press “3”
  • Advance from a Loan into your Account Press “4”
  • Transfer from Your Account to Another Member’s Account Press “5”

Balances Press “3”

General Information Press “4”

  • Locations and Office Hours Press “1”
  • Locate the Nearest ATM Press “2”
  • Report a Card Lost or Stolen Press “4”
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