What is your SWIFT code? Do you offer international wire transfers?

Our SWIFT code is SFCUUS66

A SWIFT code, also known as a SWIFT number, is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). It’s used to identify financial institutions around the world.

We also have a routing number, 321177722. The Routing Number is also called an ABA number or routing transit number. You can find it in the lower left corner of your checks.

Financial institutions use routing numbers in order to process payments electronically. Some examples of electronic payments that Stanford FCU provides are bill pay, wire transfers, checking transactions (sometimes called electronic checks), and direct deposits.

Using Online and Mobile Banking you are able to access all of these electronic payment methods from your home in a safe and secure environment. Sign up today!


Need to set up an International Wire Transfer? It’s easy with Wise!

Stanford FCU is the first U.S. financial institution to partner with Wise, an independent funds processor that has safely sent over 5 million funds transfers to 70 countries. Wise offers low fees, fair exchange rates, 24/7 availability and fast transfers.

Get started today by visiting our Wire Transfer page.

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