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Credit Card Security Tips for the Holidays

The holidays… a time of cheer, togetherness, and spending. Lots and lots of SPENDING!! According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans spend on average $465 billion during the holidays. Worldwide credit card fraud has risen each year in the past decade, reaching over $24 billion in 2016, half of which took place in the United States alone. The fact of the matter is, we’re in a technologically advanced age where civilians are a swipe, insert, or click away from having their accounts breached and identities forged.

Luckily, today you’ll learn all the tips you need to keep your money safe this holiday season.


1) Keep your information and passwords up to date

Truth be told, whenever you make a card transaction, your information is stored somewhere – whether it’s on a company’s database, internet server, or whatever. The more up to date you keep your info, the less traceable it is by fraudsters.


2) Try not to use debit

Simply put, debit is much less secure than credit. Also, being that debit is basically your new cash, it’ll be much harder to track and recover your stolen assets.


3) Don’t spend with multiple credit cards

During the hectic holiday season, the more cards you use, the more accounts you have to keep track of. If you’re that unlucky guy who gets scammed on two accounts, that’s double the hassle.


4) Keep track of all your receipts and transactions

It’s good to proactively know and see what you’re spending, so if something peculiar pops up, you can take care of it right away.


5) When shopping online, make sure your networks and websites are secure

When you use a public or unrestricted wifi network, scammers sharing that network can see all of your unencrypted data, and can intercept your credentials at any moment.


Stay safe this holiday season, and take advantage of Stanford FCU’s Card Management tools to protect your cards!