CardNav App Improves Security and Control for Debit Cards

Stanford FCU stands for greater payment card security. In our ongoing efforts to protect you from debit card fraud and identity theft, we’re teaming up with CO-OP® financial services to offer CardNav.

Misplaced your card or afraid it’s lost?
This handy new app enables you to turn off (deactivate) your cards in real-time, right from your smartphone. Turning your cards on and off is as easy as clicking a button on your phone’s touchscreen.

More great features
In addition to being able to deactivate your cards, CardNav gives you the power to:
• Limit the geographic locations where cards can be used
• Set transaction limits (thresholds) for your cards and those of your family members or employees
• Set real-time alerts whenever an attempt is made to use the card beyond its pre-set guidelines (location / transaction limits)

CardNav is now available on your Android or Apple device.


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