Business Debit Card

Business Debit Card
Stanford FCU’s Business Debit Card gives you the convenience of a business credit card without the finance charges and monthly bills. Unlike a credit card, payments for purchases are automatically deducted from your primary business checking account, so it’s a safe and easy way to access funds you need.
  • Pay like a credit card with funds drawn from your business checking account.
  • No finance charges or annual fees!
  • Debit Card is accepted worldwide, wherever Visa is honored.
  • It’s safer than carrying cash, more streamlined than a checkbook.
  • Debit Card also functions as your ATM card.
  • You can use it at international ATMs and receive accurate, up-to-the-minute currency exchange rates.
  • We have the ability to restrict card access for those of your staff who need the convenience of a debit card but with limited access.
  • You can make point-of-sale transactions at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and other merchants that accept Visa or ATM cards.
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