Bill Pay

Bill payment services made easy

We make it safe and easy to pay bills with our two convenient bill pay services!

Both of our bill pay services are free and available in Online and Mobile Banking. The primary difference between the two services is that Bill Pay mails a paper check or sends the payment via electronic transfer, and Track & Pay Bills logs into the merchant’s online portal to pay the bill there.

View other differences and choose the service that works best for your specific needs!

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Bill Pay Services Traditional Bill Pay New Track & Pay Bills
Set up payees once to easily make payments
Schedule automatic monthly payments for recurring bills
View payment history for each payee
Receive notifications about bills and payments
Pay bills from your Stanford FCU checking account
Pay bills from your Stanford FCU savings account or credit card
(to earn rewards!)
Make a payment instantly
Pay the balance in full, instead of the minimum payment due
Make a partial payment (e.g., an extra mortgage payment)
Payee’s account number required
Log in credentials for each payee’s online portal required
View real-time status of your payees’ payments and account balances
Download or export payment data
Receive and pay eBills

Track & Pay Bills is a new service that is intended for quick and easy recurring bill payments

You will not be able to pay more or less than the minimum payment that’s due, and you can only make payments to payees with online portals and no multi-factor authentication. You can sign up for both bill pay services in Online and Mobile Banking. Simply log in and choose Payments and Transfers then Pay Bills or Track & Pay Bills.

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