3 famous scary stories and what they teach about smart money management

It’s that time of year for spooky ghost stories! Let’s see what three of the most popular ghost stories show us about financial responsibility for a spook-tacular Halloween!

1) The Haunted House

The Story

First there’s a bump in the night, then a floorboard creaks and groans even when no one around. The cabinets open and close by themselves. Everyone is terrified, and no one can sleep.

It turns out there’s some history to the house. A gruesome murder took place there, or it was built on an ancient burial ground. The only way to stop it is to give these angry spirits what they need.

The Reality

Creaking floorboards, unexplained noises and slamming doors could be a far more serious problem than ghosts. Structural and plumbing issues can cause movement and strange sounds. Left untreated, these little problems can create some very scary issues and expense.

Take control of your fears with a home equity line of credit to repair your foundation, fix structural problems, and perform other necessary upgrades. Don’t let the specter of uncertainty ruin your ghoulish good time!

2) Vampire Infestation

The Story

Somewhere in Transylvania on a high mountain top sits an ancient mansion. The local villagers will not go near it, nor will they speak a word about it, for fear of attracting the attention of the dark master of the house.

Legend tells that the man in the mansion is an unholy abomination who subsists on the blood of the innocent. Travelers who arrive at the village scoff at the tale of Dracula’s mansion, but those who journey up to it are never seen again.

The Reality

While you may not have vampires in your life, you may have an invisible force sucking the life out of your financial success. Outstanding debt can cast an ominous shadow over your household finances. The average household has $17,000 or more in debt, and makes an average minimum payment of $423 per month.

If you want to drive a stake through the heart of this monster, consider a debt consolidation loan. These loans lower your monthly payment and free you from the control of the heartless creature.

3) Zombie Apocalypse

The Story

The streets are quiet. There are no cars or pedestrians. The only audible sound is the chomping of the walking dead, feasting on the bodies of recent victims. Cowering in basements and perched on rooftops, human survivors band together to resist being part of the zombie horde.

The Reality

Zombies are a cautionary example of what happens when we consume for the sake of consumption. A zombie lacks the capacity to plan or see beyond the next meal. We’ve all been there – splurging on a candy bar in the checkout lane, not because we were hungry, but because we wanted it and it was there.

The best way to zombie-proof yourself is to make a realistic budget and stick to it. Develop a plan that includes saving and investing. You can find a savings account that fits your lifestyle, or meet with a Financial Advisor to create a financial plan for retirement, college, or the next zombie apocalypse.

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